Safeguarding Policy

We take the saftey of our young and vulnerable members at Fairhaven Tennis Club very seriously.

This includes standards, code of conduct and ways to report a safeguarding concern. Most of our practices have been implemented from the official LTA website, where a full list of policies and documents on safety can be found.

LTA Safegaurding Policy

View the safeguarding policy that we as an LTA accredited club follow

FLTC Welfare Officer

View the full policy document supplied by our Welfare Officer

Safegaurding Standards

View the LTA Safeguarding Standards for registered venues



Contact: 07950 741838


About Me:
I have been a member of FLTC since I began playing tennis in the summer of 2014. Previously I played rugby for the Fylde and Fleetwood clubs and I make my living as a taxi-driver. I believe strongly in sport for all. If you witness or experience anything which makes you feel uncomfortable, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Steve Ellis Welfare Office FLTC